Thursday, September 3, 2015

Upcoming Beach Ramble and Upcoming Trip.

Beach Loop at Allens Pond

Monday, September 7 at 10 AM I will be leading a beach ramble at Allens Pond Sanctuary 1280 Horseneck Rd., Westport, MA.  The addresses in Westport, but the sanctuary is in Dartmouth because the line runs right down along the side of the road.  This event is free and invite all my blog readers to attend if they are able.  It will be a great way to learn about the sanctuary and it chance also to add to your portfolio if you are a photographer.
Sulphur butterfly Allens Pond

Lady Crab on the Beach at Allens Pond

Meanwhile, I have been taking care of business since it is the first of the month by working on Excel spreadsheets.  Also, I am getting ready for my fourth trip to Costa Rica.  I will leave on Wednesday, September 9 and will be back on Sunday, September 20.  I again will be joining Greg Bosco and Foto Verde tours.  This trip is to discover the biodiversity of the Caribbean coast.  Last year I did the biodiversity of the Atlantic coast.  We will be staying at two locations that I have never stayed before and one Bosque de Paz, where I have been twice before and it is a gorgeous place in the cloud forest of Costa Rica.
View from my hotel room In San Jose
Setting up at Bosque De Paz for Hummingbird Photography

Violet Saber Wing

In preparation for this trip, I am cleaning my camera equipment, recheck in the focus calibration of my lenses and making sure all my batteries are charged prior to leaving.  Even though I am bringing chargers with me.  For any of my trips.  I have a gear list that I use to decide what I bringing.  For this trip, I will bring two camera bodies, four lenses; wide-angle, 28-75 mm, 70-200, 80-400.  Plus with telly extenders.  It will give me all the reach that I will need.  I take plenty of cards for the cameras and camera and lens repair equipment and cleaning equipment.  Bag wise I am going to use my Small Think Tank Roller and the Trifecta 10.  I will bring my laptop and to external hard drives to back up my photographs.  In the camera bags I insert silica gel decreased the moisture which is present in the jungle areas of Costa Rica.
Trifecta 10

If you have never been to Costa Rica, I recommend you plan a trip there, it is a eco--friendly country with a large number of national parks and private bio reserves plus a great variety of fauna and flora.  If you are interested in going, I recommend highly Foto Verde Tours

Because Internet connections are not always present in areas of Costa Rica, my blogs may be delayed until I return.