Sunday, September 6, 2015

Great White Shark Found at Horseneck :)

Ha!  H! A Great White Shark

Yes, a smile for the great white shark that I found at Horseneck.  Walking along, I thought I saw a fish in the wrack.  Also, a ring-billed gull also saw it and started walking toward it.  On closer inspection it was a great white shark toy that some child lost.  The gull looked at it with disgust  and walked away.

We visited Horseneck, hopefully, to count shorebirds for World Shorebird Day and all we saw was probably 15 sandelings.  We spent most of the time at Horseneck photographing gulls in various stages of plumage and action.  A great black-backed gull caught a crab and was chased by another gull wanting to steal it but the great black-backed gull was smart.  It flew away.  Landed and ran as fast as it could to get away from the other gulls.  Seeing this happen a pair of Herring gulls screamed at the great black-backed gull.
Great Black-Back Gull with the Crab Being Chased
Great Black-Back Gull with Lady Crab
As the sanderlings were running around feeding, ring-billed gulls stayed close to them, hoping to steal a mole crab. However, the sanderling that caught a mole crab flew away faster than the gull.
Ring-Billed Gull among Sanderlings Feeding
We were lucky in that an Osprey was searching for fish near the shore hovered then dove, and we were able to catch it coming up with a large fish.  We have photographed Osprey in the past, diving, but never catching them right after they caught a fish.  First coming out of the water, the Osprey had one claw in the fish and then as it was starting to fly off, it grabbed a the fish with the second claw, and off it flew.
Osprey Catching a Fish
Osprey Catching a Fish
Walking back to the car, we found morning around in the sand juvenile ghost crabs.  They are very fast-moving but one stayed still long enough for us to be able to take pictures, looking at its front and also looking at its back.
Ghost Crab
Ghost Crab
Still hoping to find more shorebirds, we traveled to Gooseberry where all we found was three semipalmated plovers and one spotted sandpiper.
Semipalmated Plover
Although, we did not find many different species of shorebirds.  It still was a great day being out photographing.