Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Another Morning at Sachuest Photographing Deer

White-tailed Deer Herd
This morning, the kids and I traveled down to Sachuest National Wildlife Refuge, to photograph the deer and hopefully to find some bucks.  When we left the house there was a fine mist and we ran into heavier rain as we are poaching the refuge.  The weather gods, however, were kind to us and it stopped misting and or raining.  Sooners got light enough to grab the cameras and walked down by the fields with the deer were grazing.  Because it was still heavily overcast, we had a bump or ISO up to 3200 and shoot at the widest aperture on the lens that we were using.  Even with this, the shutter speed was slow, so I used the fence post as a breast to help steady the camera.  Compared to our last visit the deer were mainly interested in feeding and were not running around much.  Looking behind us, you could see rain coming up from the south.  As it started a light drizzle the deer walk slowly back into the woods.  Therefore, we called it quits and the heavy rain started again.  But, we still had a nice morning.  It is better to be out photographing that sitting behind a desk working.
White-tailed Deer and Yearling

White-tailed Deer Cleaning Itself

White-tailed Deer Talking

White-tailed Deer Looking at Us

White-tailed Deer Looking at Us

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