Thursday, October 15, 2015

Morning at Plymouth

Black-bellied Plover
It was a cool, clear morning today and we set off for Plymouth, Massachusetts to see what there was to photograph.  First stop was at Nelson Beach with the tide was out.  The prominent bird species were gulls.  There were also a half dozen black-bellied plovers running on the beach.  One of the objects I photographed, was seaweed.  Normally when the tide is out you find the seaweed just laying flat on the ground.  Today, however, there was a small tidal pool with green seaweed standing upright and waving in the pool.
Green Seawee d Waving in the Water

We then traveled down to the harbor where except for a rare gull.  Nothing was present, not even the usual large flock of rock pigeons.

Our next stop was Jenney's Pond, where again, the common birds were Canada geese and mallards.  We also found a mallard hybrid.  Looking at this bird.  It is hard to say what was the other species involved in making up the hybrid besides the mallard.  Looking at the picture, the eye is very pale.  I wonder if there was an injury to it.
Hybrid Mallard
Canada Goose Flapping

Mallard Being Chased by a Mallard

Great Blue Heron Sitting at the Edge of the Pond
We finished off the morning at Manomet point, where the only species that were seen were Cormorants and gulls. There were no seals or waterfowl anywhere in sight.

But as I have said before a day out photographing is better than a day in front of the desk. <

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