Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Start Them off Early

For all you parents, grandparents, with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  The earlier you start them enjoying the outdoors, the better it is.  Take them hiking, teach them birding and photography so that they enjoy the natural world around us.  Put away the cell phones during this time, except if you need an app to help find a location or some settings.

I have gotten my kids, grandkids and my great-granddaughter interested in photography and birding.  Although my great-granddaughter is under 10 years old.  She has learned how to use back button focusing on the camera.  Yes, either her father or I do set the settings and we will soon start teaching or how to use those settings herself.
Grandson and great-granddaughter photographing and viewing a red-tailed hawk
Red-tailed Hawk
When we do beach rambles.  I find that the children with their sharper eye find more objects to discuss and are very interested in learning.
Holding seaweed Dead Mans Fingers
Watching a diamondback terrapin returning to the wild
So, get the youngsters away from cell phones, television, and computer games and out into the world.

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