Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Plymouth, Massachusetts Bird Photography

Hooded Merganser and Gadwall
It was a beautiful morning and the kids and I return to Plymouth first starting at Jenney Pond.  As usual, most of the pond was iced but there was enough open water and the usual species of ducks were present.  Most of the fun were watching the interaction between ducks.  drake bufflehead chasing drake bufflehead or hen bufflehead listening to hooting call of the drake hooded mergansers and watching the hooded mergansers puff out their throats and open the mouth and call.

Drake Bufflehead Being Chased by Another Drake Bufflehead

Drake Bufflehead Being Chased by Another Drake Bufflehead

Drake Bufflehead Flapping

Drake Bufflehead chasing a hen
Hooded Mergansers Calling

You Can Look Right down the Throat of This Hooded Merganser

At Jenney's Pond, normally, a lot of people of feeding the ducks bread, which we know is not good nourishment for him.  So when we come we always bring some crack corn so at least it will get some better food plus it makes for some interesting the photos as the birds fly in and as they all gather around to eat.  The drake mallards were frisky today and fighting with one another.
Incoming Mallard
Mallard Fight
The pair of swans left and then came flying back in given us another opportunity for some bird in flight shots.
Mute Swans Landing

I finished my shooting at the harbor where I was able to capture the Icelandic gull by itself, and in flight.
Icelandic Gull

Icelandic Gull
My Meetup group NANPA Meetup group of Eastern Massachusetts will be photographing the waterfowl at Jenney's Pond on February 14 starting at 7 AM.  Any of my readers is welcome to join by signing up on the Meetup page http://www.meetup.com/NANPA-Nature-Photography-Group_of_Eastern-Massachusetts/