Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Birding along with Bufflehead Courtship

Today I traveled back to Jenney Pond with my colleague Doug for both of us to do birding and, of course, I will do some photography.  Because of illnesses and other events, Doug and I have not been out since probably late last year.

Besides getting a nice photograph of a Great Blue Heron with its reflection in the blue tone water because the sky was overcast.

Great Blue Heron with Reflection
I spent a lot of my time photographing the courtship behavior of the Bufflehead. The hen would fly down the pond and land and the drakes would follow behind and try to get the hen interested in themselves. The drakes would also chase other drakes to keep them away from the hen.  There was a lot of activity on the water and in the air with the Bufflehead's flying.

Drake Bufflehead, Chasing a Hen Bufflehead
Drake Bufflehead, Chasing a Hen Bufflehead
Drake Bufflehead Running Take off
Drake Bufflehead Landing
Drake Bufflehead, Chasing a Drake Bufflehead
Drake Bufflehead Flapping
Hen Bufflehead in Flight
Two Pairs of Bufflehead, Swimming Quietly
We also birded besides Jenny Pond, Plymouth Harbor, Nelson Beach, Long Beach, and Manomet Point.  At those places, the majority of birds were too far out to take photographs.  In total, we came up with about 35 different species, which for around two hours was not bad.  The weather temperature was in the mid-30s, the sky, clouded up and the wind picked up, especially when we were out and Manomet Point, probably brought the wind chill down into the 20s.

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