Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunrise, Accident, and Microsoft Help

Sunrise over Buzzards Bay
I have not been doing very much the past week since I fell and hit my head. I got a goose egg and then started looking like Ricky raccoon with two black eyes. I still have on my forehead a good bruise. Finally, today I woke up early and went to photograph the sunrise at Gooseberry, however, because of the snow the gate was closed and then we went down to the end of the town beach and photograph the sunrise. Most of the sky was clear but low in the East there was a bank of clouds which gave us some color as the sun slowly rose. Besides a few pictures, I did a video of the sunrise and the video size is greater than what Blogger allows, so I am posting it on Facebook and here is the URL

Well, the day is supposed to be in the 40s and we will get some snow melt which will be good because we have another storm starting late tonight and through tomorrow. Looking at the forecast is a possibility of snow showers right through Thursday. It's New England and it's winter and it's February so what shall be shall be.

I must give a compliment to and recommend Microsoft Help Desk. My computer stopped functioning correctly. I first tried all the recommended advice to fix it but I could not correct anything. I went to their Microsoft Answer Desk. They work very hard trying to fix the computer, but could not resolve the problem. I was bumped up to the next level of care. This higher level, unlike the answer desk, is not free. However, the cost is very reasonable and includes one year of service for $129. The technician called me and then resumed control of my computer and got it back up working correctly. The next day again I had problems and I emailed the technician and he got back to me and, this time, we did a completely clean install of Windows 10. So far so good. All the technicians that help me were very professional and excellent English speakers.

I hope everybody has a great day and those people who were going to watch the Super Bowl enjoy.