Friday, April 8, 2016

Birds in Flight at Oliver Mill

Group of Great Black-back Gulls
My son and I travel down to Oliver Mill Park in Middleborough, Massachusetts to check on the Herring run.  My son was there in March and there was a huge amount of Herring streaming up the water toward Lake Assawompset when they breed.  Today, not only us but some other people were down checking on the Herring did not see any.  In fact, tomorrow and's Sunday, April 9 and 10th is the annual Herring run Festival at Oliver Mill Park.  That should be a good time.  Even if there are no Heron in the river.

We spent most of the time photographing gulls and Red-tailed Hawks flying.  The majority of the gulls were great black-back gulls with a scattering of Herring gulls.  A good number of the gulls were sitting on the riverbanks looking in the water for some Herring that they could catch.  But they were out of luck.
The third year Great-back Gull Flying
Great Black-back Gull In Flight
Great Black-backed Gull Coming in for a Landing and Chasing Another Gull off the Rock
Red-tailed Hawks Riding the Thermals

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