Monday, April 11, 2016

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

Another one of my favorite areas to photograph is Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge located in Smyrna, Delaware.  I first visited the refuge back in my film days during the winter because it was a great location to photograph the snow geese blasting out of the impoundments.  More recently, after taking part in the new River birding and nature Festival in West Virginia, I would travel down to Delaware and spend a few days photographing around the refuge.  The sanctuary is close to Dover, Delaware.  Springtime is another excellent time to visit because during May horseshoe crabs would start to lay their eggs at the shallow waters edge and that the migrating shorebirds will congregate to feed themselves as they would continue migrating breeding grounds in the Arctic.

The refuge is open a half-hour before sunrise to a half hour after sunset daily.  There is a visitors center, which is open year-round on weekdays from 8 to 4 PM, and in the spring and fall weekends.  It is open from 9 to 5 PM.  What makes the refuge great is the 12-mile wildlife drive, which allows you to photograph from your car.  There are five walking trails along with three observation towers.

In the spring.  There are a multiple tootle bird species present from passerine's, waiting and shorebirds, to raptors.  Mammals, ranging from deer to foxes and amphibians and reptiles can be seen and photographed.

Fact, this May I am planning a trip down to photograph this wonderful area again.