Thursday, April 14, 2016

Daniel Webster and Needing Patience

Canada Goose in Flight
Today was another spring day, with the sky a beautiful blue and hardly any clouds. However, the temperature was only in the mid-40s, and there was a strong Northwind, which added a chill factor. Doug and I traveled today to Daniel Webster Massachusetts Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary in Marshfield, Massachusetts.

Today show the value of patience. We first stopped at the morning blind and observed some birds flying back and forth. What we were hoping for was a Wilson Snipe. Doug located one feeding in the grasses at the edge of the marsh and pond. We had a watch at least 20 minutes the Snipe moving back and forth until finally it gave me a clear shot. The Snipe would keep hiding its head behind brushes of grasses. Patience paid off.
Wilson Snipe
From the blind looking across to the other side, there was a pair of bluebirds, so we traveled over to that blind to see if we could find photograph the bluebirds. No such luck. But, a few savanna sparrows were around in the grass in front of the blind feeding. Again it took a while till I was able to get a photograph of one where it was not completely hidden in the grass and bushes.
Savannah Sparrow
We then went for a walk and came across a kestrel sitting on a bluebird box; I did get a picture of the kestrel peering over his shoulder at me. I slowly made the way down the path so I could adjust the light on the kestrel that it was coming over my shoulder and even though I went slowly and was a least 50 feet away and the kestrel took off into a tree further away and still when it's back toward us.
Further down the walk, we noticed a bird in the tree and when we looked at it with the binocular's it turned out to be a wild turkey.
Wild Turkey in the Tree
Finally, walking back toward the parking lot, we came across a pine warbler, which again took some time getting a picture where the warbler wasn't hidden behind branches.
Pine Warbler
As I keep saying a better day is out birding and photographing a natural world than working behind the desk. And for a finale a Cooper's Hawk.
Cooper's Hawk

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