Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birding, Rhode Island

I went birding today with my friend Doug and we covered portions of Rhode Island. The most interesting bird that we found today was black-headed gull and there was a pair of them in East Providence. However, they were too far away to photograph with my 800 mm lens, so we just enjoyed looking at them through the spotting scope.

Otherwise, there was nothing unusual found, in fact, there was a scarcity of passarines. At one point in Little Compton, we thought we had found a rough-legged Hawk. It was first sitting in a tree in a field. Then flew and was on the electric wires beside the road. It did not look like the usual red tailed hawk, but but since I was able to get a picture of it and checking it out in the bird books found it to be a juvenile red tailed Hawk.

Up near Sakkont point, a group of starlings were flying into the bushes and eating bittersweet. And in the next bush a Mockingbird was watching them.