Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day Four Roma Texas

On day four at Roma, the weather was sunny, however, it was very cold and everybody was bundled up. I wish I had brought my thermals with me, since later in the morning I was feeling chilled. However, we had an excellent morning of photography doing setups and flight photography. We had the usual birds and just before we finished up shooting in the morning, an Audubon's oriole showed its presence for about a minute and then immediately left. I was shooting in manual focus and was unable to move my lens to capture at least a picture. But, I saw it and can added to my life list.

Black-tufted Titmouse

Golden-fronted Woodpecker

Long-billed Thrasher

Northern Cardinal

Orange-crowned Warbler



After the morning shoot, we went back to the ranch to warm up, download pictures and learn new techniques in Photoshop. For lunch we had a great white bean chili that Chris made, it was very filling am warmed us up.
Later in the afternoon, we returned to the Hawk blind, where besides the Harris Hawks we had a surprise visitor of a loggerhead shrike that perform for us and gave us wonderful pictures. In all, this was a great workshop. And as I said originally, I would recommend to anybody that wants to learn Allen Murphy's techniques for obtaining bird pictures. His site is at

Loggerhead Shrike