Sunday, June 26, 2011

Churchill continued

Polar Bear Statue D7K_8236 NIKON D7000 June 19, 2011
Polar Bear Statue at Chamber of Commerce

churchill map D7K_0899 NIKON D7000 June 21, 2011
Map of Churchill Area

bo GranaryD7K_1456 NIKON D7000 June 21, 2011
Granary at Sunset
Churchill, Manitoba is a very interesting place, it is located on Hudson Bay and beside the Churchill River. The biggest business besides Eco-tourism is a granary which ships grain to Europe and Asia from early July through November. This year they hope to ship 1,000,000 tons of grain.
The morning the day after I had arrived was cloudy and cold, but after that the sun came out and we have had sun every day. The temperatures have ranged from 32°F to 60°F, the wind most the time has been blowing at least 10 to 15 knots.
bo Polar inn D7K_8232-Edit NIKON D7000 June 19, 2011
Our Hotel
Our days consisted of either waking up and having breakfast, and then leaving for photo shoots and returning back to the hotel at around 10 o'clock or leaving at 5 AM to do photo shoots, and then come back at around 9 AM for breakfast. Because of the harse light in the midday we would rest, download our pictures or look around town.
Gypsy D7K_9772 NIKON D7000 June 20, 2011
Gypsy Great place to eat
After lunch in the later afternoon we would go out again for more photography, we would either take sandwiches with us and not return until 9 to 10 o'clock at night or have a separate and then return out to photograph until the light was too poor. Sunrise would be around 4:40 AM and sunset would be around 10:30 PM. This gave us around 16+ hours of light per day.
Boreal forestplants D7K_8690 NIKON D7000 June 19, 2011
Boreal forest Flowers
Tundra  D7K_9534 NIKON D7000 June 20, 2011
Tundra at Cape Merry
Tundra plants D7K_9539 NIKON D7000 June 20, 2011
Tundra Flowers
tundra with whimbrel D7K_8825 NIKON D7000 June 19, 2011
Tundra with Whimbrel

sc D7K_6456  NIKON D7000 June 15, 2011
Hudson Bay with Ice

Boreal forest D7K_8287 NIKON D7000 June 19, 2011
Boreal Forest
Churchill stands at an octane ,on the Hudson Plains ,at the juncture of three ecoregions: the boreal forest to the south, the Arctic tundra to the northwest, and the Hudson Bay to the north. We visited all the areas: The tundra was very flat, with many small ponds and extreme amount of wet areas, on the high mounds the various types of birds would use those to nest on, both ducks and gulls with nest on the mounds in the middle of the ponds, most of the spruce and willow trees that were in the area were very low; the boreal forest contained a higher spruce trees, and a large amount of lichen on the floor of the forest;

Churchill River D7K_6470 NIKON D7000 June 16, 2011
Ice Flow in Churchill River with an Eider
 While we were there the Hudson Bay at the mouth of the Churchill River and the River became free of ice, there were higher cliffs with a large amount of rocks covering the surface with tundra and small little ponds around the rocks.