Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Churchill Manitoba

I am presently sitting in my hotel room in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.  I arrived here today for a approximately one week photographic workshop.  When I arrived it was cold and drizzly and presently it is just a foggy, hopefully it will clear up and give us some decent weather in order to photograph the many interesting birds that are in the area.  Churchill is located on the shore of Hudson Bay at a latitude of 58, lies, at the southern end of the tundra and the northern edge of the boreal forest.
After a nice lunch at the local coffee shop, I went for a short walk to look at and photograph A few of the sites around the hotel.  Down the street is a statue of a polar bear and an inukshuk. sc D7K_6435  NIKON D7000 June 15, 2011sc D7K_6433  NIKON D7000 June 15, 2011 There is another inukshuk on the beach overlooking Hudson Bay. 
sc D7K_6449  NIKON D7000 June 15, 2011sc D7K_6458-Edit  NIKON D7000 June 15, 2011
“As one travels across the Canadian Arctic, one will see piles of rock slabs and stone built to resemble the shape of a person with arms stretching out. These stone structures put up by Inuit are known as inukshuk (pronounced 'in-ook-shook'). In the Inuit language Inuktitut, inukshuk means "likeness of a person" or "in the image of man". The plural form of inukshuk is inuksuit or inukshuit. The inukshuk is a well known symbol in the Canadian north.
The Inuit inukshuk has evolved into more than just stone markers. It has become a symbol of leadership, cooperation and the human spirit. Each stone of an inukshuk is a separate entity but was chosen for how well it fits together with other stones. The stones are secured through balance. Each one supports the one above it and is supported by the one below it. Together, the stones achieve strength through unity. This effect is applied to a philosophy for people where a group can achieve greater success with cooperation and team effort rather than individually. The inukshuk stands for the importance of friendship and reminds us of our dependence on one another.”
Hudson Bay at the beach is still filled with ice D7K_6456  NIKON D7000 June 15, 2011
There is an old Anglican church near the beach and some other interesting buildings in the D7K_6439  NIKON D7000 June 15, 2011sc D7K_6441  NIKON D7000 June 15, 2011
sc D7K_6429  NIKON D7000 June 15, 2011sc D7K_6431  NIKON D7000 June 15, 2011