Friday, November 4, 2011

Fisher – Allens Neck Portion of Allens Pond Audubon Sanctuary

Today was another one of Paul's famous bird walk for Allens Pond Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary.  However, for me, and I hope most of the other members of the group most interesting finding was a Fisher, sometimes called a Fisher Cat.  The Fisher is native to North America and is a member of the weasel family.  It is relatively common in Massachusetts, but is really seen because it is very secretive.  It normally lives and hunts in the forest.  Where it will eat small rodents, squirrels, rabbits, birds, eggs, fruit and carrion.  One problem would Fisher is when they get into a suburban area.  They will attack  cats and poultry.
The Fisher once was once eliminated in Massachusetts due to trapping, but it is made a remarkable comeback, and now extends into southeastern Massachusetts and onto Cape Cod.
We found the Fisher along the Woodland loop of the Allens Portion of Allens Pond Sanctuary.  It was high in a tree in then old probable squirrels nest, since the nest was covered with leaves.  When the Fisher saw us, it climbed down the tree and disappeared into the forest.
Here are pictures of the Fisher climbing down the tree.  Because it was very dark in the forest.  I had a use a wide open lens setting, but the head is in focus.
untitled Fisher Cat D7K_8367 November 04, 2011 NIKON D7000untitled Fisher D7K_8365 November 04, 2011 NIKON D7000untitled Fisher D7K_8366 November 04, 2011 NIKON D7000untitled Fisher D7K_8368 November 04, 2011 NIKON D7000untitled FisherD7K_8369 November 04, 2011 NIKON D7000