Friday, November 4, 2011

A Morning at Gooseberry-Birding and Photography

I have been going out to Gooseberry for a while before sunrise in order to get the different looks that each day may bring as the sun comes up over Buzzards Bay.  This day I picked up my friend and colleague Doug early so I could get there before sunrise and then we will going to spend the morning birding.
The colors in the sky started off with bands of light red into dark blue and then progressed into theuntitled D7K_7968 November 03, 2011 NIKON D7000 reds as the sun finally rose.
untitled Civil Dawn D7K_7971 November 03, 2011 NIKON D7000
The last two photographs were taken with my long lens
untitled pre sunrise D3B_8245 November 03, 2011 NIKON D3S
untitled Sunrise D3B_8249 November 03, 2011 NIKON D3S
I did not get what I consider a full series of pictures of the sunrise, because swimming into view where a pair of horned grebes.  I went to my car to set up my 500 mm lens with the 1.7 tele-converter so that I could photograph them.  Luckily, the Greebes were not skittish and I was able to get down to the waters edge, and being low able to photograph the grebes.
untitled Horned Grebes D3B_8273 November 03, 2011 NIKON D3S
Horned Grebes
After the sun rose, we started out following along the shoreline, observing and trying to photograph the birds that we saw.  On the east shore, where the water was smooth.  There were a few Sanderlings, an American Golden Plover and a few Black-Bellied Plover's.  There was the usual gulls, eider's and cormorants in the water at the tip.  Turning around the corner to come down the west side, the water was rougher with both swells and waves, and there were a lot more birds present, and they were more active.
untitled Black-bellied Plover wavesD7K_8160 November 03, 2011 NIKON D7000
Black-bellied Plover with waves
untitled Black-bellied PloverD7K_8137 November 03, 2011 NIKON D7000
Black-bellied Plover
untitled Sanderling flying of rock with Dunlin on Rock D7K_8269 November 03, 2011 NIKON D7000
Sandrlings flying from rock - There is a Dunlin on rock
untitled Sanderling landingD7K_8068 November 03, 2011 NIKON D7000
Sanderling landing
untitled Sandrling Standoff D7K_8063 November 03, 2011 NIKON D7000
Sanderling Stand Off
untitled DunlinD7K_8282 November 03, 2011 NIKON D7000
A small brown bird flew from over the water and landed just above us on the land.  From the brief glimpse that we had, we were thinking possibly a Horned Lark or a Lapland Longspur.  On walking up to where the bird had landed much to our surprise, a beautiful White-throated Sparrow popped out in front of us.  It had brilliant colors, being that it was the white morph variety.
untitled White-thrated Sparrow - white morph-D7K_8323 November 03, 2011 NIKON D7000
White-throated Sparrow - white morp
In the rough water, feeding and swimming were common loons, a red-throated loon, surf and white wing scooters.  Flying by was a nice flock of American (Black) scooters.
untitled American -Black- ScotersD7K_8232 November 03, 2011 NIKON D7000
American or Black  Scoters