Sunday, November 6, 2011

Scenics at Allens Pond Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary

Today's blog will show some photographs that I took prior to and during a basic digital photography course that I held at Allens Pond Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary.
There was a heavy low cloud cover over Buzzards Bay, which did have a few breaks in it and presented a very interesting sunrise.Sunrise Buzzard Bay D7K_8484

The day was sunny, cold and windy and the first subject that we photographed after leaving the field station were the phragmites blowing in the wind.Phragmites in the windD7K_8493
Looking over the marsh in the trees at the edge of it, you could see how the trees were killed and damaged from hurricane Irene.  Marsh and Trees post Irene D7K_8494The large spruce, instead of being a nice green color had all its leaves brown in color.

Another subject was milkweed pods with the seeds just starting to come out and blowing in the wind.MilkweedD7K_8508

Here is Melissa, who atended the workshop demonstrating the right way to hold the camera