Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More Snowy Owls

- SNOWY Young Male December 21, 2011 NIKON D7000
I have turned into a snowy owl addict.  We retrurned to Duxbury beach this morning, arriving before sunrise and driving solely all way out to Gurnet.  We observed a number of gulls and ducks in the Bay, but no signs of the snowy owl.  The day was very overcast and there was rain in the forecast, I took some scenics of Gurnet light- Gurnet LightROT_0533 December 21, 2011 NIKON D3S (otherwise known as Plymouth light) across the marsh.

I then walked over the dunes to peer down Duxbury beach to see if I could see any signs of the snowy owls.  There were no signs of a snowy owl, so I returned to the car, where my son was talking to the harbor master, who told us that the snowy owl was found at the 2nd crossover sitting on the posts.  We started traveling down to the 2nd crossover, but before we reached it, we found the owl sitting on the fence post.  It was still dark out, and even with a high ISO I was shooting at a low shutter speed and the first images were blurry.  The owl then flew a little further down the beach and landed on another post, we slowly followed the owl, and it turned lighter, which enabled us to obtain much better pictures. 
- Snowy fluff D7K_0823 December 21, 2011 NIKON D7000
In all, we found at least 2 and probably 3 different snowy owls and were able to photograph 2 of them, including capturing some flight pictures.  - Snowy FlightD7K_0699 December 21, 2011 NIKON D7000
- Snowy SoarD7K_0702 December 21, 2011 NIKON D7000
There was one owl across on the other side across the marsh, sitting on the Osprey platform, which was not approachable. 
Each time that I go to Duxbury Beach, there is always something different.  This is proving to be a great winter season for snowy owls.  I definitely plan more trips back down to Duxbury Beach to observe and photograph these magnificent birds.