Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sea Fog, Scenics at Duxbury Beach

Today I met 2 friends on Duxbury beach, to see if they could obtain better photographs of the snowy owl.  We were there at low tide, and despite numerous trips up and down the beach road the snowy owl was seen only once extremely far out over the marsh.  However, photographically wise, the day was not a loss.  The scenics were great.

First on the way to the beach, prior to sunrise, I obtained this picture on PowerPoint road, looking toward the dawn on the horizonDawn at Duxbury.  Just after sunrise. 


This photograph was taken across the marsh grass with the clouds highlighted by the Sun.Early Morning Duxbury Bech 

The final pictures were taken over the ocean, where there was sea fog over the water.  Sea fog or sea smoke occurs when cold air passes over the warmer water.  Today the temperature was 11°F with the wind bringing it down to around 0° wind-chill.Sea Fog

Beach, Clouds and Sea Fog

The photographs of the beach, ocean clouds and the fog were created by 3 and 5 image HDR's in NIK HDR Efex Pro and then I utilized Color Efex Pro 4, for adjustments