Monday, February 20, 2012

Farmington Bay and Eagles

-Eagle scenic_D7K3812  NIKON D7000 February 18, 2012
Overview of the marsh with an eagle on the trunk and the mountains in the background

I had looked on my friend Dave Hemmings web site, and found a workshop in Utah to photograph Bald Eagles. It was led by Rob Palmer, a noted raptor photographer and a falconer.  Farmington Bay usually has the highest density of Bald Eagles in the lower 48 states. In fact, last year there was between 300-400 Eagles present.  However, this year because the weather has been warmer with a lot less snow and the impoundments are not frozen the density has been very much decreased.  I saw around 10-12 Eagles.  But, the photography was great with other species including Harriers, Kestrels, Coots, and Pied-billed Grebes plus many other species
Bald Eagle landing
Bald eagle landing
Bald Eagle Pair
Pair of bald eagles
-Eagle catching fish_ROT6315  NIKON D3S February 17, 2012
Bald Eagle catching a fish

-Eagle eating a fish_ROT8060  NIKON D3S February 19, 2012
Bald eagle eating a fish
-Eagle _ROT7016  NIKON D3S February 18, 2012
Bald eagle on a old tree trunk