Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Killdeer on Nest

I visited the Killdeer nestKillderr that is right at the corner of Allens Pond Sanctuary and Westport East Town Beach to see how the nesting was proceeding.  The Killdeer is in the middle of her protected area, sitting on the nest and just eyeing visitors.  She has probably gotten very used to people walking by and at least today did not to a wounded wing demonstration.
Today's photos were taken by me laying on the cobbles on the beach and photographing the Killdeer at eye level.  By doing this, it increases the intimacy of the encounter.  My lens was a Tamron 180 mm macro lens, and my camera was a Nikon D 800. Camera setting ISO 200, 1/640 sec., f/8, shot in RAW. with minimal post processing just a tweak of contrast and a 20% crop
Same view taken standing up
Down and low is definitely better.