Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Smalls Falls near Rangeley, Maine

An interesting place to visit and photograph is this the Smalls Falls, which is located on Route 4, a few miles north of Madrid, Maine.  In the Rangeley Lake area.  Smalls FallsThere is a rest stop at the falls that includes picnic tables and a restroom..  The falls have a drop of 54 feet, and consists of 4 separate falls and pools.  The falls are easily reached by descending stairs at the end of the parking lot and crossing a bridge, which is a good location to photograph the falls.  There is a 0.1 mile trail that leads to the top of the falls.  The gorge that the falls are located in extremely colorful and beautiful because of the geology of the area.  Colors include beiges, oranges, greens, blacks, browns, gold and ivory..  The bed rock of the area comes in either from the late Silurian on Early Devonian age.  There is abundant pyrrhotite and other sulfide minerals, along would graphite and heavy metals.
I created a series of photographs, both horizontal and vertical from the right and left side, first, using slow shutter speed to create the milky look to the water.  I also did one photograph at a higher shutter speed, which demonstrated the fast action of the falls.
Smalls Falls
Small FallsSmalls FallsSmalls FallsSmalls Falls