Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Scenics in the Great North Woods of New Hampshire

Today's blog is about scenics. Clouds Over Lake Umbagog On my trip to the north woods of New Hampshire.  I not only photographed the creatures that were in the area, but also the scenics and experimented with different options.  Rather than just taking straight views of the scenery, I also photograph of you as a reflection, taken pictures from a low perspective and a high perspective and utilized bracketing in the camera.
Some of the pictures would just post processed in light room and a few I utilized the NIK plug-ins to help with the processing.
First Connecticut Lake
First Connecticut Lake
Early Morning FogEarly Morning FogLily Pads and Reflections no. 1Lily Pads and Reflections no. 2lily Pads and Reflections no. 3Reflections ofClouds Over Lake UmbagogSun in a Reflection