Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Northwoods of New Hampshire, the Last Day

Date wise, these blogs are out of sequence.  On Sunday, we were on the road at 4:45 AM to look for Moose and to see what else we could photograph.  The group I was with was enjoyable and a great bunch of people and photographers.  The group was led by John Slonina, Slonina Nature Photography http://wildphotographyblog.com, who has been leading photo tours to the North country for a number of years.  He knows the area and the locations where there should be Moose, we investigated all the wallows.  We saw plenty of signs of Moose with numerous footprints, but the only sighting, we had was  one Moose, that came out of the woods and went right back into the woods.
We were able to photograph a young male deer White-tailed Deerand a doe and her fawn, which ran into the woods.  For this sighting, I wish I was in my SUV, we arrive would been able to photograph the pair from my car window.  Because we were utilizing a van in which the rear windows do not open downwards, in order to do any photography, we have to get out of the van.  In spite of being as careful as we could and moving slowly,.it was easy to spook the animals.   _D8C6334 June 17, 2012 NIKON D800For the young buck, I was able to just open the door and photograph from inside the van.
A female ruffed grouse also was on the side of the road and did allow us a chance to photograph her, when we left the van.
Ruffed Grouse
Other creatures that we photographed this morning, included a beaver swimming in the First Connecticut Lake, and a large multifamily group of Canada geese, herding their goslings.
Canada GeeseNorth American Beaver
We also visited East Inlet And the Connecticut Lakes Natural Area, where we captured some scenic of the pond in morning fog.  IMorning Fog also photograph some lily  pads, which I turned into a somewhat Surrealistic photograph. _D8C6331-Edit June 17, 2012 NIKON D800
We finished up the morning with a slideshow presentation by John.  In all a great time was had by everybody, and hopefully we will all keep in touch.
On the trip home, I stopped in Colebrook, New Hampshire to photograph the Beaver Brooks Falls.  It was midday, and part of the falls was in bright Sun and part was in deep shade.  I utilized a polarizing and neutral density filters, plus taking bracketed pictures, so that I could get a pleasing picture.  My favorite picture of the group that I took was one, which to me showed a ghostly face in the water. Beaver Brook Falls See what you think about this.

Beaver Brook FallsBeaver Brook Falls