Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunrise over Buzzards Bay With the Family

 _D8C1599-Edit-Edit August 27, 2012 NIKON D800
Grandson enjoying the sunrise
Today was the last day that my son and grandson from England would be with me before they left to spend the rest of their vacation here in the states with their mother/grandmother.  We woke up early to travel out to Gooseberry Neck in Westport to enjoy the sunrise over Buzzards Bay.  Those of you have that have been following my blog know that I love photographing the sunrises at Buzzards Bay, but, I really have not photographed many sunrises this summer, basically because the sunrise was extremely early.  I know good photographer should get up the matter what time it is, however, I felt that I would leave the sunrises to the late summer and into winter.
We had a really great sunrise, the colors were spectacular and there was just enough clouds to make it extremely interesting and beautiful.  The family enjoyed it and they even obtained excellent photographs.
 _D8C1553 August 27, 2012 NIKON D800
For more intimate views of the sunrise, I utilize my Tamron 180 mm macro lens on my crop frame camera.
 _D7K3606 August 27, 2012 NIKON D7000Dawn's Early LightSunrise
The rest of the photographs were obtained when a Tamron 28-75 mm f/2.8 lens.  I underexpose the photos in order to increase the saturation of the color.  There was minimal post processing performed.
 _D8C1559 August 27, 2012 NIKON D800 _D8C1607_HDR August 27, 2012 NIKON D800 _D8C1619 August 27, 2012 NIKON D800