Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lighthouses on Cape Cod, Part One

The group that I was with the weekend on Cape Cod, started out by photographing Race Point Light at sunset.  Race Point Light was the first of three lighthouses that we visited and photographed.   _D8C6060 October 12, 2012 NIKON D800We reached the lighthouse by piling into a suburban four-wheel drive vehicle and Provincetown, and then driving out to Race Point and traveled over the sand out to the light.
Race Point Light original tower was first built in 1816 of white rubblestone and it was torn down in 1875 and replace with the existing tower.  The present tower is made of iron plate with brick interior.  It is 45 feet in height and ritually had a fourth order Fresnel lens.  Presently the lens is a solar powered Vega VRB-25.  It is one of the three lighthouses located at the tip of Cape Cod.  The other two are Wood End Light and Long Point Light.
Race Point Light and Keepers HouseSunset at Race Point Light and Keepers HouseRace Point Light
Long Point Lighthouse marks the entrance to Provincetown Harbor and can only be visited by boat or by foot.  It is visible to people traveling on the will watch boats out of Provincetown.  Between Long Point Light and Race Point Light is Wood End Light.
 Wood End Light_D3S0689 September 26, 2010 NIKON D3S
Wood End Light as seen from the water
Both the Keepers House and the Whistle House are available to rent.  for more information see