Friday, January 11, 2013

Province Land Beaches Cape Cod National Seashore

Thursday on Cape Cod was more than just birding, there was scenics and landscapes to obtain. When we arrived at Herring Cove Beach, in the Province Lands of the Cape Cod National Seashore, the waves were really crashing onto the beach. I utilized my 500 mm lens with a 1.4 convertor on it, giving me a 700 mm lens, and photographed the waves. I used a low f-stop and a low ISO, which in the bright sun gave me a high shutter speed and created "frozen water drops". Utilizing a single picture, I converted the picture to an HDR in NIK HDR Pro and utilized a Jason Odell preset for a black and white conversion with selenium and adjusted it to my taste. I then utilized NIK color Efex Pro 2 and utilized detail extractor the finish up the picture.
Black and white conversion
Waves crashing

I then utilize my wide-angle lens to capture gulls hunkered down on the beach, with the waves crashing behind them.
Panoramic of gulls hunkering down and waves crashing

We then visited Race Point Beach. What surprised me about my visit there was for the first time, there were no footprints in the sand. So, more pictures were obtained. All we left behind were footprints.

The Sand
Beach, Sea and Sky

"Only Leave Footprints"