Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Snowy Morning in Southeastern Massachusetts

Before I went to sleep yesterday, the weather forecast was just for some light snow. This morning when I woke up, there was a winter weather advisory in place and looking out the window it was snowing. So soon as it became light, my grandson and I set up our cameras, he used a storm-jacket on his and I used the LensCoat RS medium Raincoat on mine to protect them from the weather. We then went and cleaned off the car and drove slowly first to Lake Rico where we took our first set of pictures of the snow falling and then as it stopped how the scenery looked with snow cover. We then drove to Oliver Mills Park in Middleborough (very slowly, the roads were still tough and there was a lot of traffic) where we composed our next set of photographs.

I converted some of my pictures to black and white and left the rest in color.
Grandson in the snow photographing Lake Rico with a flock of geese approaching

Lake Rico, in this picture I decrease the highlights are hundred percent and pushed the vibrance up to 76%
Lake Rico, same picture as above but converted to a selective black and white, I wanted the red bench to stand out.

Remnants of the old mill at Oliver Mill Park

Water flowing over the dam at Oliver Mill Park after the snow

A different view of the remnants of the old mill with the water flowing down over a small dam

Overview at Oliver Mill Park after the snow