Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pictures of the month February 2012-January 2013

Starlings on the back of a bison
February 2012 did pose a problem in which picture to pick because I had a number of pictures that were dear to me. I ended up picking this picture of a bison resting in the grass on antelope Island In the Great Salt Lake. What really interested me about this photograph was the Starlings that were on its back and flying around the bison. Apparently they are picking up insects that are on the fur of the bison. I was out in Utah had a workshop hopefully to photograph bald eagles because the location out there is where there is usually 300 to 400 bald eagles overwintering. In 2012, with the warm weather and the general lack of snow, the bald eagles were not concentrated in the usual area and in fact in any one day the most we saw was up to a dozen. Antelope Island is a great place for photography with no only bison but antelopes and many different birds of prey.

I did have the same problem for January 2013, but selected this photograph of the beautiful sunset behind an old barn on Horseneck road in Westport Massachusetts. I have been observing this barn for many years as I drive past it on the way to the sanctuary. I have taken pictures of it in the past, but this day with the brilliant sunset behind it required another stop for more photographs. When you're traveling always keep your eyes open because you never know when a beautiful site will require you stopping and capturing it for posterity.
Sunset behind Old Barn