Tuesday, March 26, 2013

King Eider at Scuesset Beach

Male King Eider taking off along with two female common eiders
It is now Tuesday, birding with Doug day.  First, we decided to check out a new area, West Island in Fairhaven.  There was a brisk wind blowing, and not a huge amount the birds were present.  Through the scope we got great look at a number of common goldeneyes, who were too far out for any pictures.

Because Doug has not had a great view of a King Eider, his only view was one flying away from us at Provincetown harbor, we traveled down to Scuesset beach state reservation, where there has been a King Eider present.  I had been previously down to Scuesset beach on the weekend and did have great views of the King Eider.  At Scuesset beach, we met a friend Linda, who had sighted the King Eider earlier.  We search through the hundreds of common eiders and finally found the King Eider.  All the eiders slowly swam toward us, giving us some good close-up views.  For me, the best photographs that I obtained today was when the majority of the flock of eiders, including the King Eider suddenly took to the air and flew down the Cape Cod canal to the ocean, and I captured the King Eider taking off.
Male King Eider taking off along with two female common eiders
King Eider