Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Herring are Coming.

Alewife under the water
This morning, I visited Oliver Mills Park in Middleborough, Massachusetts.  This is a site of an old mill and with its channels and rushing water and dams is where the herring start to congregate on their passage up to Assawompset to breed.  The huge crowds of alewives have not started yet, but there were a number of alewives swimming around waiting to jump up over the dams and continue their swim upstream.
One of the dams at Oliver Mill Park

Fast water coursing at Oliver Mill Park

I picked an area, that was in the sun and I stood with my camera on a tripod at right angles to the sun, with a polarizer on my lens, focused below the water surface and try to capture the fish swimming, I did get a a few pictures, which I will share with you.  As the days warm up, the herring run should increase and make for interesting photo opportunities.  We did have an Osprey flyover head and dive into the water to capture a fish.
Osprey looking for fish