Sunday, April 7, 2013

Families at the Herring Run

Watching the herring run
I had mentioned in my previous blog, how visiting a Herring Run was a great activity to bring the family.  I went back to the Herring Run at Oliver Mill Park in Middleborough, Massachusetts, where families were there looking at all the herring going upstream to spawn.  The age range was from extremely young children to senior citizens.  A number of the children were reaching in trying to capture by hand a herring.  Some of young lads were able to capture a herring, they either let them immediately go or let them go above the dam, so they can continue on their upward journey.  It was a beautiful sunny day, and everybody was having fun.
Catching a herring

Catching a herring

letting the herring go

Showing a herring to a young child

Standing in the pool with the herring

Caught one

Families watching the herring run


Swimming up a small dam