Friday, May 24, 2013

Columbine Photo Post-Process with NIK and Topaz Plug-Ins

Today's blog is going to show my workflow and post-processing a Columbine picture.  Once the pictures were downloaded into Lightroom, I chose the picture that I wanted to work on.  First image is the unprocessed RAW file, exported as a JPEG.   Remember in Lightroom always changes are nondestructive.    
Next image is using my basics settings on the RAW file, followed by an image of the basic settings.
Next I exported the image to Photoshop CS 6, duplicated the layer, then I used NIK VIVEZA 2 and control points to darken the background.
I then opened the image in Topaz Clarity, chose the collection I wanted and the appropriate preset, then adjusted it to my taste.  Because I did not want the background to be adjusted, I utilized the mask mode to paint out the background.
After saving this layer, I then opened NIK Color Efex 2 and added Detail Extractor only to the flower utilizing control points.
Here is the final image