Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Foggy Morning in Taunton Town

There was a nice fog this morning and my grandson and I went out to take some pictures of landscapes and other subjects in the fog.

Fog acts as a natural soft box and diffuses the light and if you shoot without adding some plus exposure compensation, the picture will come out dark.  When I have the scene focused in my camera, I take one shot and look at the histogram.  I want to expose to the right to give me the greatest amount of information, so that I can adjust the picture in post-processing.  In shootings scenic, I use the lowest ISO, a sturdy tripod with a good head, single shot mode, mirror up and a shutter release.  If I am doing single pictures of the scene, I utilize Aperture Priority.  But, if I am doing a panorama, in order to keep the same settings I would use Manual Mode.

This screen capture is of the first picture at the top of the blog before I did any postprocessing and shows the histogram exposed to the right.
Vegetation at the edge of the lake in the fog

A marsh in the fog

Panoramic of the marsh in the fog

A different marsh in the fog

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