Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sunrise over the Westport River

Waiting for the sunrise
Since I have not photograph a sunrise in some time, my plan was to travel out to Westport and photographed sunrise across the Westport River.  I first checked my The Photographer's Ephemeris see where the best location would be.  To have the sun rising directly in front of me the best location was the bridge over the Westport River on route 88.  Upon awakening in the morning, on my cell phone, there was a weather alert for dense fog.  In fact, leaving my condominium complex, you only could see about 20 feet in front of you.  However, as we continued toward Westport, the fog got lighter and lighter, and when we arrived on location.  There was no fog at all.  This did make me a little sad cause I did want to get a sunrise breaking through the fog.  However, there was some nice color in the sky and the clouds.  I photograph the sunrise in front of me and also the effects of the sunrise on Westport Point and Westport Harbor.  It was a fun morning, except for some mosquitoes that tried to feast on me.

Color in the sky

The View Looking down Route 88

The sun just starting to come Over the Tree Line

Sunrise with a Flair

Westport Point at sunrise with the moon overhead

Westport Harbor At Sunrise