Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Checking out Gooseberry for the Snowy Owl

Sanderling feeding
Tuesday morning, my son and I went out to Gooseberry to see if we could find the snowy owl that was reported out there. We walked the up the east side of the island on the beach since it was low tide and searched all possible locations. The weather was completely overcast and the wind was blowing briskly. Mainly what we saw were gulls and peeps feeding in the water and the wrack. Even portion my ISO high and my f-stop the lowest it could go, my shutter speed was still 1/160 second and because of the wind and even being down low and holding my lens as steady as I could a lot of my pictures were blurred. I was able to rescue a few using Photoshop's new Shake reduction filter located in the sharpened filter section. At one point the peeps flew away and when I turned around a Merlin pass by very fast. We checked out the West side of the island and except for a few ducks far out the only thing with watching was the waves crashing on the rocks. Returning to the parking lot, I met my friend Dan, who walked the same route about 10 minutes ahead of us and he had a negative finding for the snowy owl. While we were talking a number of common loans flew by and I did obtain a decent picture. The one thing that I wish I had brought was my flash and Better Beamer which would help stop motion in the birds.

Another View of the Sanderling Feeding

Gulls and Peeps

Peeps Returning in after Being Scared by a Merlin

Gull Coming in for a Landing

Waves Crashing on the Rocks

Common Loon Flying