Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Look Up and Down

This morning I went out to gooseberry arriving about a half hour before sunrise and as I approached the end of the causeway a snowy owl flew off the sign. And as I slowly drove up to the parking area, again the snowy owl took off from where it was sitting on a mound. It flew up to the east side of the island. I waited till it got lighter and then was slowly walking up on the beach when I saw a gentleman that I knew who runs with his Huskies there every morning. The Huskies are on a leash. I took some pictures of him and his Huskies
and then  off to my right behind him a snowy owl popped up and went down again. The gentleman I talked for a while and then he left to take the dogs home and I slowly walked toward where I had seen the snowy owl. However, as hard as I looked no signs of the snowy owl. Looking toward the West, the moon was a little bit visible through the clouds and I noticed a northern Harrier flying toward me and the light wasn't good but I did take some pictures.
Coming home and looking at the pictures, what to my surprise, the Harrier made one attack pass at a snowy owl in the tree. I was too busy taken pictures of the area that I missed the snowy owl. Oh well, will try again another day.This shows you that you have to keep your eyes open to what is happening around you.