Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Plum Island Lighthouse and Topaz Star Effects

I was invited to a photo interest group in Newburyport Massachusetts last night and since I had arrived up there early I I drove down to Plum Island and photograph the lighthouse at the tip of Plum Island in the dark. I utilized my Roninkon 24 mm lens, which is a manual focus lens, on my D800, on a tripod and I utilized a three second shutter delay activated by or a wired remote. I was at ISO 100, F/8, and a shutter speed of 13 seconds. I did a minimum amount of post-processing in Lightroom and although the camera was supposed to be level I did have to do a slight bit of adjustment to the picture.

Because it is the Christmas holiday season, I then opened the picture in Topaz labs and utilized the plug-in Topaz Star Effects to give a star appearance to the lighthouse light.

Topaz Star Effects is a great plug-in especially at this time of year and is Topaz's December promotion. From December 10th through December 31st Star Effects will be 50% off ($14.99) with this promo code: decstar   Star Effects