Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Post-processing Technique: Black, White & Beyond: The Digital Zone System.

 First, I did not make it down to Sachuest because I came down with a G.I. bug. So, what have done in my spare time is to increase my knowledge of post-processing. I have been following Blake Rudis, who is one of the HDR gurus, who uses HDR to create a much more dynamic picture rather than just a grunge photo. I have been utilizing his methodology of using luminosity masks to improve my photographs. He has developed a new technique of processing is photographs. This technique requires the use of Photoshop 5 or 6 or CC.
"So what is this technique?  How about I start by saying what it is not:
·    It is not a Photoshop Plug-In nor does it require any!
·    It is not the Traditional Luminosity Mask selection system using channels.
·    It is not a push button technique to make any photo look immaculate in seconds (that just doesn't exist yet)!
It is:
·    ACCURATE: A meticulous selection method based on one amazing adjustment layer (Curves) and the Gradient Scale.
·    EFFICIENT: Responsible for cutting my post processing time by 90%.
·    DELIBERATE:  I make much more informed decisions while post processing cutting out a lot of guess work and trial and error.
·    AMAZING:  I am seeing life in my photos I never thought possible.
So now I want you to have it!  I have developed a 3 hour and 40 minute training course that allows you to make better photographs utilizing the principles of Black and White photography and the Digital Zone System.  I call it: Black, White & Beyond: The Digital Zone System."

I have spent the last two days watching the three hour and 40 minute videos which introduces you to the whole concept. The package  includes 10 videos, along with a Extras folder which contains the actions needed plus the photographs that he uses in the videos so you can follow along with the videos.
Right now the package is on sale for $67 until February 24 if you use the coupon code zone30. Here is the link: Click here to view more details

Original Photograph
Tone mapped in Photomatrix Pro 5.0
Final image after using Blake's new Digital Zone And Beyond Methodology

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