Monday, March 10, 2014

Add Backgrounds Utilizing StudioMagic

Osprey being harassed by a Red-winged Blackbird
I recently watched a webinar put on by LayerCake and presented by Gavin Phillips on a way to easily replace dull skies utilizing StudioMagic Pro-Panel.  StudioMagic only works in Photoshop. I purchased the software and have tried it out to add better backgrounds to a couple of my birds in flight pictures. LayerCake has been having webinars demonstrating the product and if you watch the webinar you can get 20% off of the software price.
This is the original picture of a great blue heron landing it is a pretty dull sky and the picture is essentially flat.
1: original picture brought into Photoshop
2: adjustments made first with Topaz software then I utilized StudioMagic
3: created the layer mask
4: brought a new background in as a new layer
The final picture it is much more interesting