Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Green Heron with Its Crest up and Scratching Its Face
Well, I have not been out photographing the natural world around us because I have been working and finally have finished upgrading my catalog keywords. This has made keywords easier to find and has them in a more logical hierarchical system. While I was doing this I found misspelled words that created duplicate but wrong keywords, which I have corrected now. I had decided that I had to finish this project otherwise I probably never would have gotten that finished.

My next project is to go through my pictures without keywords. Most of these are from my earlier years in digital photography where I kept every picture that I took. So as I go through and keyword pictures I am also deleting pictures that are out of focus or look to me as having no intrinsic value or even with post-processing can be salvaged.
All these photos I rejected

As I find some pictures that I really like I will take a break and process them.
White-faced Capuchin - Cebus capucinus;

Red-legged honeycreeper with bees flying around it

Tonight it's post be warm and raining and I am going to go out and look to see if the frogs and salamanders are traveling to the vernal pools so I can take some pictures. The only problem that I foresee is that these creatures may have a sense of what the weather is going to do since there is an episode of freezing rain and then snow coming in in the early morning hours.

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