Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Plymouth Massachusetts

Ring-necked Duck Hen flapping after preening
It is Tuesday, March 25, 2014, Doug and I went birding and I as usual photographed some of the findings  in Plymouth Massachusetts. The morning was cold but there was no wind and with the sun shining it was comfortable. We were dressed in appropriate clothing and really did not need most of the time heavy gloves. Besides photographs to determine and prove what species we seen I also looked for activity rather than just confirmation photographs. I obtained a number of photographs showing many waterfowl preening and diving for food.
Mute Swan preening

Three Bufflehead drakes in various stages of preening

Bufflehead Drake

Northern Cardinal Singing in the sun

Brown-headed Cowbirds

Great Blue Heron

Beaver feeding at the shoreline of Jenney Pond
Approximately a year ago at Plymouth Pilgrim State Park we had a canvasback way out in the bay. This year the canvasback was feeding right around the Mayflower II. At one point I was hoping to get it in the reflection of the Mayflower, however, it was halfway into the reflection when the canvasback dove and then came up in the blue water rather in the brownish reflection.

Canvasback half and half
 It was a great morning and now we are preparing far the winter storm that is supposed to occur tomorrow. However by the weekend the temperatures post arise and probably all the snow will be gone by then. Remember this is New England and the weather changes very frequently. It is interesting this year I was warmer in Alberta Canada than the temperature was back home in Massachusetts. Remember spring is here and enjoy the change of season and the beginning of new life.

Here is an interesting hybrid, a american black duck and a gadwall. this duck was swimming with an american black duck
Hybrid Duck