Saturday, March 1, 2014

Video on Lightroom Organization from a Webinar sponsered by PhotoShelter

I recently watched a webinar presented by PhotoShelter on "Mastering Lightroom Organization with Peter Krogh". What proved very interesting was that his keyword list was very short but very long also. The reason for this is he utilized keyword hierarchies. All his locations were under a keyword location, so if his shoot took place at a location that he had in his keyword list he would open up the keyword list and check the box next to that location to add it to the select photos. I have like this idea and have started to reorganize my keywords into hierarchical main categories. Since I have a large number of pictures and a large number of keywords this is going to take me some time. I plan on doing a small amount every day. The webinar can be viewed by clicking the link below
Mastering Lightroom Organization with Peter Krogh from on Vimeo.