Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Fun Morning at Gooseberry and Horseneck

Nautical Dawn and Venus
An update on my activities. I still have been working on my non--keyworded photos and also processing some of them which I had not processed in the past, plus deleting the out of focus or the just god awful pictures. Yesterday, I traveled out to Middleborough and photographed at the herring run, which I will talk about in the next blog. Today I woke up before sunrise and traveled out to my favorite spot for sunrises at Gooseberry. Prior to reaching Gooseberry, I stopped just before the bridge that crosses the Westport River on route 88 and photographed the nautical dawn and Venus over the Let. I then arrived at Gooseberry and set up for the sunrise. There was some nice color in the sky but no clouds. I took some photos before and just after sunrise.
Sunrise at Gooseberry
Other than migrating birds overhead there was not much on the beaches except the gulls. I decided to check out Horseneck Beach to see if there was any shorebirds running around. As I turned the corner from Beach Road onto John Reed Road, there were two deer trying to cross the road. I stopped the car and one deer crossed from the reservation side to the Let side. The other deer could not make up its mind walk back and forth on the road, then stood there and since I had my long lens on the front seat along with the Puffin Pad, I was able to capture some pictures. The deer finally decided to jump the fence back into the reservation

White-tailed Deer on the Road
Checking out Horseneck Beach, all I saw were gulls and a single sanderling.

I decided to return to Gooseberry, where in the water were swimming common eiders, common goldeneye, buffleheads and a pair of harlequin ducks. The drake harlequin jumped up onto a rock, walked across it and then jump back into the water. The harlequin stayed on the rock long enough so I could get some very decent pictures.
Harlequin Ducks 
Harlequin Duck
Common Eider
Common Goldeneyes
The temperature was in the 30s, but with little wind and after the sun rose a bright sun in the sky. So get out and enjoy the Spring.

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