Thursday, April 10, 2014

More from the Middleborough-Lakeville Herring Run

Herring Congregated in a Pool
As I had written on the previous blog yesterday I went to Oliver Mill Park to the herring run. The herrings are coming up the river in large groups. There were hundreds of them present trying to get up the rapids and the dams. Both at Oliver Mills Park and the herring run fish ladder on Wareham Street in Middleboro add a number of families there with the parents or grandparents introducing the children to this annual spectacle. At the park, one father reached in and caught a couple of the herring to show to the children. He then let him go into the river above the dam so they can continue on their journey.

Family Observing the Herring
Father Trying to Catch a Herring

"He caught one"


Herring trying to jump up the dam

Herring swimming up the river
Remember this coming weekend is the first annual River Herring Festival at Oliver Mill Park and other locations in Middleborough. You can get the whole event calendar at

Hope to see you there, it looks like it's going to be a great event.