Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Beach Ramble, Plus

Allens Pond does have a number of annual events, today is Memorial Day in which we honor all our veterans.  Two veterans, Doug and myself led a beach ramble at the sanctuary today.

I arrived earlier, because I wanted to check out my piping plover to make sure they were doing all right, and were not being harassed by the killdeer.  They look like they would doing fine.  I also took some photographs of the piping plover, along with a grey catbird sitting on a post in the pannes, plus a lesser yellowlegs walking in the pannes. 
Grey Catbird

Lesser Yellowlegs

Piping Plover

Coming back to the field station, I met two birders who are invited to join the beach ramble, which they did.  Besides these two nice people the summer interns joined us on the walk and one of the interns brought her mother along.  It was a nice pleasant ramble, and both Doug and I explained about the history and natural history of Allens Pond.  The beach plums are in bloom, plus a small stand of black mustard.  Everyone had an enjoyable morning, despite a small rain shower.

Black Mustard

Doug and the Beach Ramble Group

Doug and Our Summer Interns

Beach Plum

Doug explaining about slipper shells

The ramble group looking for interesting objects and discussing what they have found already