Saturday, May 24, 2014

Night Sky at the Stone Barn

Early this morning, there was supposed to be a great meteor shower.  My son and I traveled out to the stone barn in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, hopefully to view the show.  We knew the weather would be against us, since the rain was forecast and cloudy skies.  When we arrived, the skies were cloudy and the clouds were moving.  At one point I was able to visualize the North star for a short period of time.  To the West a portion of the sky opened in the stars were visible for a while.  During that period, we did not see any meteors.  Finally, everything clouded completely over again.  We packed up our cameras and came home.

Even though we did not capture any meteors, it was nice being out Photographing Our Natural World.

Here is a short time lapse of the clouds moving over the Stone Barn.  There are more Celestial events occurring during the year, and hopefully the weather will cooperate better.