Thursday, July 31, 2014

Keep on Learning

I have been following Jimmy McIntyre on Facebook, and am a subscriber to his weekly email from Shutter Evolve.  Jimmy is a world known landscape photographer and teacher and has many excellent tutorials on improving your photography by utilizing luminosity masks.  In the last issue there were three great video tutorials to help you take and process landscape photos.  The video that I really liked was by Aaron Nace at Phlearn,on  how to make color corrections and contrast adjustments, for cutting through haze, for or windows.  The process requires Photoshop and utilization of curve adjustment layers.  It was not a difficult process to learn and did make a difference in a picture that was taken in very dense fog at Cutler harbor in Maine.  Here are my results.

Cutler harbor unprocessed
Cutler harbor processed
I suggest you watch this video and decide for yourself.  Also, Jimmy McIntyre has on his website a free download of Photoshop PowerPack Actions which includes luminosity, Mass., Orton Effect, Dodge and Burn, Detail Enhancer and Autumn Colors.
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