Friday, July 18, 2014

Return to a Favorite Spot

Northern Spreadwing
As I have been reviewing my pictures in my Lightroom catalogue, I noticed that this year I have not taken any pictures at one of my favorite spots, Tamarac Park in Lakeville, Massachusetts.  Waking early this morning, I gathered my macro equipment and drove down to the Tamarac Park.  A friend of mine, Linda, had arrived before me, but decided she wanted to try a different area to photograph.  One reason I want to get down there early was to be able to photograph the insects and spiders before they were warmed up by the sun and became more skittish.

What was interesting is that I found a new species (for me) of a damselfly, Vesper Bluet, the only bright yellow bluet in the Northeast.  Also, there was a large number of different spreadwing damselflies along with the usual dragonflies that are found in this area.
Vesper Bluet
Lyre-tipped Spreadwing plus Slender Spreadwing
There were a number of harvestmen, which belong to arachnoid family and are in the order Opiliones.  One of the harvestmen had mites on its body.
Harvestmen with Mites
There was a beautiful stand of Turks Cap lilies, one of the plants had multiple flowers on it.
Turks Cap Lilies
Turks Cap Lilies
In the beetle family, I found milkweed beetles mating and a lone Japanese beetle.

Milkweed Beetles Mating
Japanese Beetle
What was missing this morning was any of the Lepidoptera.  Not a butterfly or a moth was seen in my travels.

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